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Supplements I Use For Performance and Goals

I get questions all of the time from potential users or people that want to take their training/physique to the next level. While I will admit that there are thousands of supplements out there that won't do anything for you, there are a few that I will recommend to you.

Supplements have been a part of my routine since 2010. I've taken probably every brand that was around back then. I struggled with pre-workouts that would make me sick, nauseous, and just plain lethargic.

I've also wasted probably thousands on random pills and powders that I didn't need.

So, I'm going to break down what I do take every single day, as well as supplements I will use strategically to get the desired result that I want. Keep in mind, these are not "magic pills" or shortcuts. When paired with a proper training and diet they can work WONDERS.

By the way, if you want to just watch the video I made, it is below. If not, keep reading.

Supplements in the video:

  1. Vegan Protein

  2. Flight Pre Workout

  3. Endo-Pump (Pump Formula)

  4. In-Focus

  5. Strong Greens

  6. Strong Reds

  7. Strong Daily Multi-Vitamin

  8. Bare Burn (Fat Burner)

  9. Strong Joints Support

Protein - The Staple

  1. The staple in my supplement routine is protein. Specifically, I take Vegan Protein by Bare Performance Nutrition. Why? It is easy on the stomach and I can consume it without any bloating, digestive issues, or lethargy. It is best used after a workout because that's when it is best absorbed by the body.

Pre-Workout Formula

2. Flight Pre Workout has been my pre of choice for the past two years. I love it because I get no crashes, no headaches/nausea, and I don't build up a tolerance to it. Sometimes when you take the same pre workout formula for a few weeks at a time - you'll start to build up a tolerance and won't feel it the same without skipping it for a few days. With this one, none of the negative sides show face and I love it. Plus, the focus I feel after consuming it is incredible.

Pump Formula

3. Endo Pump is my go-to for added blood flow and circulation. It is a "vasodilator" which means it helps expand the amount of blood that rushes into the muscle. I will mix this with Flight pre workout and it is a great "stack" to use before training with weights. If you are considering using this before a long run or endurance session, you might want to lay low on it because a leg pump during a run can get rough. Endo Pump is also a great product to use for late night weight lifting sessions as it doesn't contain any type of stimulant.

In-Focus Energy Support

4. In Focus is a tool that I use in the morning or about mid-day. Usually, I don't feel the need to use it during the middle of the day unless sleep was an issue the previous night. I will mix this with Strong Greens in the morning and within about 10 minutes I'm ready to tackle the day. There's no rule that say you have to mix them together but in my opinion, the two supplements go hand in hand.

Strong Greens Superfood

5. Strong Greens is an incredible greens powder that I'll mix up in the morning. It has a blend of nutrients to "fill the gaps" in your daily diet. It supports an increase in natural energy, improved digestion and boosted immune support with just one scoop each day. After about a week of taking it and letting it build up in your system, you will notice the difference in the way that you feel throughout the day.

Strong Reds Superfood

6. Strong Reds is a supplement that I don't take everyday, but I use it 1-2 times per week on rest days. I use it for recovery and to promote declines in inflammation. I'll mix it with club soda or sparkling water and I'll sip on it in the evening before bed. It is a great way to calm a sweet tooth as well if you are staying away from sugars.

Daily Multi-Vitamin

7. With the first meal of the day, Strong Multivitamin goes down the hatch. I typically lack iron and biotin in my diet so I use this to fill those gaps. There are so many vitamins that our body needs for repair, health, immune, and recovery support and I use Strong Multi vitamin to cover those bases.

Fat Burner

8. Listen closely to this one. Fat burners shouldn't be used if your diet is not on point. The metabolism and fat burning effects of this supplement can be masked by a few extra calories each day so be sure you are staying consistent with your diet. With that being said, I use Bare Burn about 4-6 weeks in a cutting phase to stimulate fat burning and wake my metabolism into overdrive each day. I replace this with In-Focus and it is definitely a potent fat burner. It's a great factor to add into your cutting phase or if you're shedding some pounds for a PT test or weigh-in.

Joint Support

9. Strong Joints is my go-to joint support supplement during a bulk or heavy lifting phase. I've been through many squat/bench powerlifting phases where my joints would literally ache when I came out from under the weight. Now, I use a joint support every time I'm entering a heavy lifting phase. Specifically, it includes hyaluronic acid and MSM. Hyaluronic acid is found in the joints, where it keeps the space between your bones well lubricated.

If you want to try some of these supplements for yourself, shopping through the links I have provided will discount all of the products 10% off. Best of luck with your goals and be sure to pay those dues every day!


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